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National Processing


National Processing is a leading ACH payment processor and an award-winning company in the merchant service industry. As their partner in merchant processing, National Processing has earned the trust of thousands of businesses across the country, both large and small. National Processing is there to assist with any aspect of the payment processing process. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as electronic checks and transactions made through the website. By submitting a single file, clients may have all their recurring transactions completed at once with National Processing's secure batch file processing and recurring transactions. Additionally, they can help their clients pay their bills using their website, with 84% of customers who have used this feature satisfied with the results. The Company also has some of the lowest processing fees for credit cards and checks in the country. Clients can join National Processing by visiting their Website and following the steps provided.

Service Terms

The typical duration of their contracts is between two and three years. Any business that is closed, sold, or given a chance to meet or beat a competitor's pricing will not be held to the contract, as is stipulated by the National Processing Promise included in the agreements.

Rates and Fees

The interchange fees associated with using a debit card are typically far lower than those associated with using a credit card. Interest rates on rewards credit cards are typically higher than those on regular cards. The interchange fee is lower when a card reader is used instead of keying in the information manually, and it is greater when a sale is made online rather than in person. National processing has stipulated rates and different services they provide.
  • Restaurant- 0.14% +$0.07 (%9.95 per month)
  • Retail- 18% + $0.10 ($9.95 per month)
  • E-commerce- 0.29% +$0.15 ($9.95 per month)
  • Cash Discount- 0% + $0.00 ($39.95 per month)
  • ACH processing- 0-1.5% + $0.48 ($15 per month )

Services Offered

National processing offers the following services;
  • Restaurant Services- allows restaurants to receive payments
  • E-commerce- They offer multiple integration options
  • ACH (eCheck)- ACH is a good alternative to processing credit cards because it is safe, reliable, and has low transaction fees.
  • Cash discount
  • Moto (CNP) – credit card transactions via phone and internet
  • High Risk- accepts payments of businesses regarded as high-risk banks.


  • Available to a wide variety of business
  • The rates can be tailored to the specific requirements of clients
  • Top rated
  • Fast disbursement of funds

Not for it

  • Lengthy contracts

Customer Service

Clients can contact National processing 24/7 using their mobile, email address, and direct massaging on their website. National Processing also has social media precense on LinkedIn and Facebook. Address - 472 W 800 N, Orem, Utah 84057, US Telephone Number- 1.800.720.3323 Email Address-


 National processing has some of the best quality services in the industry. It has won numerous awards for its services over the years, and it has one of the widest services offered compared to other companies.
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